Things You Can Do with the Pre Printed Flax Leaf Sashiko Design

By Susan Fletcher
Things You Can Do with the Pre Printed Flax Leaf Sashiko Design

Pre printed sashiko by the meter? Really? Okay, we all know I prefer to do my own design transfers because I like the freedom to go my own way with my projects.  I can see some of you laughing! I know, too often when asked, my reply has been "ummm, no....there's no pattern, I made it up as I made it"  What can I say? I try to follow directions, I really do, but my brain and fingers just wander off in their own direction about a half hour in...

So I guess it will be no surprise that after I got over my initial dislike of the idea of having the stitching design already decided and on the fabric, I started looking for what else I could do with them :-D

Remember, the design washes out so that means you don't have to stitch every mark on the fabric.  

By stitching some lines and washing out others, below are some designs I found in the flax leaf pre printed fabric.

First here is the bolt of pre printed ready to stitch fabric.  Its a nice cotton fabric, soft, easy to stitch, good drape...

pre printed sashiko design by the meter

Here is a sample with a bit of stitching...

sashiko pre printed fabric flax leaf

but then it occurred to me, why not just stitch the diamonds on a diagonal lines only? ...and then why not applique a bit of fabric into the diamond areas?

so I did

sashiko diamonds on diagonal

I liked the applique effect so I tried stitching only the hexagon shape lines, adding some solid dark blue applique and then stitching again on those...

sashiko design hexagons

The I realized there was a very strong simple set of squares to be had from the design.  By this time I was a little hooked on the whole applique thing :-D

sashiko squares with appliqued areas

sashiko stitching

Speaking of going my own way with the designs, this purse is what happens when I decided to try using different color sashiko threads and leaving out a lot of the pre printed design!

bag sewn from pre stitched sashiko

 After you have had fun stitching the sashiko design to suit yourself, give it a rinse to wash out the design lines, dry and press it. After that you can cut it like any fabric to use in your sewing project. The sashiko stitching which you cut through will be secured again when you sew it into your project seams.  It is actually quite secure in the the fabric even when cut through.  I hope you have some fun with this.