Sashiko Stitching as an Embellishment on Handbags

By Susan Fletcher
Sashiko Stitching as an Embellishment on Handbags

I thought I’d show you a few samples of sashiko stitching used as an embellishment on some handbags today.

I use sashiko thread and stitch a few random lines on prints and plain fabrics quite often just to add texture and interest. The thing to remember when doing it is to make your stitches – I know you know the rest of this sentence! - about the length of a grain of rice on the top and about 1/3 that length on the back. This spacing keeps your brain, and therefore your eyes, interested. It is easy for your eyes to understand it as a solid line, yet it is more interesting than an actual solid line.

Here are some examples. The projects would be good enough without the stitching, but it gives them just that extra bit of interest. 

linen summer bag with sashiko stitching

sashiko thread sashiko stitched bag

asymmetrical metal handle and sashiko stitching handbag

sashiko thread embellishedsashiko stitching on yoga bag

sashiko stitching

Have a look at the bag and purse sections on our website for handles, hardware, patterns and frames. And of course, in the sashiko sections for sashiko thread and needles.

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