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How I use sashiko - well, some of the ways, anyway!

Everywhere I look in my house, there is more sashiko! It's on my kitchen tea towels, it's on my bathroom shower mat, it's on my clothing... one of my (many) sisters once pointed out that everywhere in my house are examples of how you can use sashiko stitching. I hadn't noticed, but she was right, there is pretty much no room without some somewhere.

I'm an addicted sashiko stitcher. I happens :-) 

I love the low tech, no equipment, nature of sashiko. I love the way it can be utilitarian or a work of art. I love the way it keeps me calm in a two hour wait for the the BC Ferry that is the only way to go from where I live to pretty much anywhere else!  

So here are some photographs of sashiko as I live with it:sashiko cushion sashiko throw blanket

on my couch...

sashiko stitching on summer bag

on my bags

sashiko on my shirt

on my clothes,

sashiko on a wool ruf

on my throw rugs,

sashiko boro stitched slippers

on my feet,

sashiko eye glass case

on my glass cases,

i pad sashiko case

on my ipad cover.....

it is everywhere and there is more to come because

this is my current sashiko and boro stitching box!

sashiko and boro box

 Until next time,

Happy Stitching!


Susan Fletcher
Susan Fletcher


Owner A threaded Needle