Sashiko Stitching Images. Does it Work?

By Susan Fletcher
Sashiko Stitching Images.  Does it Work?

I wrote about how and why traditional sashiko doesn't get boring in an earlier blog, but I keep thinking about the use of sashiko stitching for images and wondering if it would also have lasting appeal?  

It is faster to stitch than the embroidery outline stitch, but will it 'read' with the spaces between the stitches, or will it feel jumpy?

Here are some stitched images. See what you think.


sashiko stitched chickadee

Boxwood shrub in pot

sashiko stitched boxwood

Crane in flight, full moon

sashiko stitched crane

Kissing Fish (there is a pattern for this in our download section on the website)

kissing fish

Iris flowers Olympus sashiko kit

Japanese hair ornaments Olympus sashiko kit  

sashiko kit       


Butterfly sashiko 

and this...

Abstract flower in two colors on two fabrics.  I was pleased with this effect and will try to expand on it in the future.

I do love to muck about with techniques and materials. I just try things for the satisfaction of trying things and seeing what happens.  I hope you do too. It's a private little mini adventure every time, and if it works out you get bragging rights! (If not, who will ever know if you don't tell? :-D)

Have some fun,
Talk to you next time,