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Suspender Clips...use them to keep your scissors from wandering away

This is my favorite use for suspender clip hardware.

I am forever loosing my scissors when I have a messy big sewing project going on, especially if it involves sorting through a lot of fabrics.

Until it dawned on me that the simple shopping tote strap I had made with the suspender clip ends could be tied to my scissors at one end and clipped to the box of fabric I was sorting at the other! And never the two would part until I was finished and unclipped them!  

suspender clips used to connect scissors to project

Here is how to make yourself a scissor keeper strap:

sewing a strap

Cut a long strip of fabric about 2 1/2" wide. How long is up to you. I made mine about 3'

Fold the edges in and press. Fold in half, right side out and sew the long side near the edge.


suspender clip bag making hardware

Feed one end through the clip. (This photo shows the edge un sewn but that is just because I want to take the picture and I hadn't sewn it yet. You should sew it before putting the clip on :-) )

Fold the raw edge under and sew across the strap to secure the clip.


strap from suspender clip bag making hardware

I added a D ring large enough to put the suspender clip through to the other end so that I could loop the strap onto my scissors.

suspender clip used with scissors


Suspender clips are available at  www.athreadedneedle.com

Until the next time,

Happy Sewing,


Susan Fletcher
Susan Fletcher


Owner A threaded Needle