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How to use this bag strap hardware

This metal clamping style hardware is an elegant way to attach a bag strap to your bag's body.
bag strap metal hardware clamping end
This is one of my favorite metal hardware strap ends. You can use it with purchased strapping, or on straps you make.  Both are available on our website. 
It has strong backward angled teeth to bite into the strapping. Place it over the strap end. I laid mine on cardboard, then gave it a few good whacks with the hammer, and it worked fine - but I expect I should tell you to cover it with fabric and use wide tip pliers to close it firmly :-D
clamping bag strap end
bag strap end hardware
strap end clamp
After the hardware is attached to the strapping, make, or buy, a tab of fabric the same width as the rectangle opening in the hardware. Loop this through the hardware and stitch it between the layers of fabric on your bag top. (In this example I removed the brown strip from a couple inches of the strapping and used it)
metal end hardware for bag strap
Happy bag making,

Susan Fletcher
Susan Fletcher


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