How to use clamping end bag hardware

January 04, 2018

swivel clip and D ring
Swivel clips on your bag straps are a solution to bad language! What? you don't swear when your bag straps get in a twist?
Okay then, swivel clips keep me from bad language!
For you, they just make your bag hang and look better :-)
This is one of my favorite metal hardware strap ends. You can use it on purchased strapping or on straps you make to match your bag.


swivel clip hardware with clamp end for bag straps

It has strong backward angled teeth to bite into the strapping. Place it over the strap end. I laid mine on cardboard, then gave it a few good whacks with the hammer, and it worked fine, but I expect I should tell you to cover it with fabric and use wide tip pliers to close it firmly :-D

metal bag strap swivel clip with clamping end

This clip needs a D-ring sewn to the body of the bag to attach it. 

metal swivel clip with clamping teeth end and D ring

Tip: If the tab you make is the same width as the D ring, and made of something quite stiff it won't bunch up and the ring will stay where it belongs - top of the curve to the top!
Here, I cut a couple inches of the same strapping I made the strap from and removed the black strip to make it thinner. It is a firm linen so it will not slip or bunch in use.  If you use fabric to make your tab, put a strong heavy fabric or interfacing between the fabric layers to stiffen it. 
Happy bag making,

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