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Suspender Clips...use them to keep your outdoor table cloth from blowing around

      Quick, easy, transferable, and reusable, this bit of hardware is worth having in your sewing stash! 

     Suspender clips are a neat bit of hardware with claw like jaws on a hinge that allows you to open them, then snap them tightly shut on your fabric. These Inazuma brand suspender clips have slightly back angled teeth and a pressure plate inside the clip ensure a non slip grip on the fabric.

suspender clip bag hardware alligator clip diy sewing hardware




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February 01, 2018

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How to use this bag strap hardware

Clamping strap ends are an easy elegant solution for bag straps....bag strap end
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About Cloth and Creativity.

Susan form A Threaded Needle

Cloth is a deceptively humble material to work with, it lacks the status of paint or marble or metal. Yet, it is cloth that receives us at birth and covers us at death. It is hard to find a moment in a day when we are not using cloth in some form...

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January 04, 2018

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How to use clamping end bag hardware

Swivel clips on your bag straps are a solution to bad language! What? you don't swear when your bag straps get in a twist?...

swivel clip with clamping end and D ring

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November 02, 2017

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Suspender Clips...use them to keep your scissors from wandering away

This is my favorite use for suspender clip hardware.

I am forever loosing my scissors when I have a messy big sewing project going on, especially if  

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