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What is hitomezashi sashiko stitching, and How to do it.

Hitomezashi stitching is a type of sashiko stitching.  Both are made up of small straight stitches and both are used for mending and patching fabrics...hitomezashi sashiko stitching View full article →

Kitchen Towels & Zakka Stitching

 Zakka style projects will always have  in common that hard-to-define, but easy to recognise, quality that makes people smile. Everyday art for comfortable happy everyday life.  Relaxed, imperfect, and friendly feeling. And maybe with some humour showing :-D
bird on kitchen towel
Collect some threads and needles, pens, and fabric scraps, and your glass of wine, and let your creative monster out to play!
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Things you can stitch when you are home and desperate for things you can stitch!

So just stitch.

child's drawing on a bag

Don't be defeated just because you can't go to a sewing store for supplies. You have all sorts of good things to stitch in your house! And don't be shy to try any crazy idea you have. You're in self isolation, when will there ever be a better time to find out what you can really do with a threaded needle?

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New Sashiko Patches & Kokka Fabrics

2020! I wish you all a year of happy stitching and sewing adventures!

This is just a quick little blog to show you some new pre-printed ready to stitch sashiko fabric designs, and some new fabrics that will work well used with them....

Sashiko Patch KitKokka Fabrics

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5 Ways to transfer a Sashiko design onto fabric (5 of 5 featherweight interfacing method)

How to transfer your sashiko design onto your fabric ready for stitching using fusible featherweight interfacing

transferring sashiko onto fabric
After near fifteen years of sashiko stitching, this is still my preferred method for getting a design onto fabric ready to be stitched.  I like it best for several reasons. First...


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5 Ways to transfer a Sashiko design onto fabric (4 of 5 use stencils)

How to use a stencil to transfer a sashiko design onto fabric.

transfering a design with a stencil

This is one of 5 blogs entries showing methods for transferring sashiko designs onto your fabric.

I think of all the methods, using sashiko Stencils is...

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5 Ways to transfer a Sashiko design onto fabric (3 of 5 Use the fabric's weave)

How to use dyed yarn fabrics to transfer sashiko designs.

This is the most creative idea I have for how to get a sashiko design onto fabric ready for stitching.  

Sashiko design on dyed yarn fabric
Using the grid design in the dyed yarn woven fabric, a ruler, fabric pen or chalk pencil,  you can ....
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5 Ways to transfer a Sashiko design onto fabric (2 of 5 Transfer paper)

Use Sewing transfer paper to transfer a sashiko design

transferring sashiko design with sewing transfer paper

Sewing transfer paper (also called dressmaker carbon) is coated with a waxy substance. To use it, you..

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5 Ways to transfer a Sashiko design to fabric (1 of 5 use graphing fabric)

How to use dotted graphing fabric for drawing Sashiko designs

sashiko designing

This fabric is marked with tiny dots to make a grid on which you can draw your geometric sashiko design.  Use a ruler and chalk fabric pencil...

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Which Sashiko Needle Should I use?

How do you choose a Sashiko Needle?  You already know what I'm going to say!

It depends.

It depends on your fabric, on your thread, and on your hands :-) 

Here is a photograph of the nine types I carry at A Threaded Needle.  I'll show you each in detail as we go through this blog entry...

Sashiko Needles, 9 Types


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